Beginner’s Mind

I have a puppy, and he just recently discovered water, and it’s really fascinating to watch him.  He’s got a water bucket to drink from, but many times he’ll just walk up to it, put his paws in the water, and start digging it out of the bucket.  Sometimes he’ll just jump in!  He just looooooves water.  He really loves getting wet, and any chance he gets, he will get himself into the water. 

dog drinking from the river

Just the other day we went by the river and he was just watching the bubbles drift by, not sure what they were… he approached them with caution, he sniffed them, he barked, he tried to catch them with his little paws.   

So what’s he doing?  He’s playing with the water obviously. 

That’s the thing… that’s what it’s like to look at the world for the first time.  You don’t know what it is, so you play with it, you look at it from all angles, you try to get it to do things, to see it’s properties, to discover what this thing is, because it’s new and it’s fascinating, and when things are fascinating we want to take our time with them, and savor those moments until we figure out as much as we can. 

People can tell you all kinds of things, like, “Oh that’s just water,” or, “There’s nothing special about it, I drink it every day,” But I mean come on… when you flick it with your finger, it splashes and causes bubbles… bubbles can be pretty darn fascinating if you’ve never seen them before.

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